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The Problem
Photovoltaik in Teneriffa mit TRAtec Solar Montagesystem

Flat roofs are the perfect location for photovoltaic panels. Because of their size, roof spaces on existing and new buildings offer ideal conditions for effective use. To exploit the sunlight as fully as possible, photovoltaic modules must be properly oriented. Mounting systems, frame structures and fastening systems are required to secure profitability.
Frame-mounted photovoltaic modules are subject to strong wind loads. To understand just how strong these can be, imagine the force a gust of wind can exert on an umbrella, kite or sail. Only firmly anchored systems can therefore guarantee safety.
To safely secure the system it must penetrate the roof cladding. The problem then lies in ensuring that the roof structure remains watertight. A further difficulty is the additional weight exerted by the support structure.
This is why flat roof professionals are essential.

The Solution!