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The Solution

Wind loads
Thanks to its extremely stable construction, the TRAtec solar assembly system presents a very secure solution. In light of changing weather conditions, choosing such a system is a decision that will stand the test of time.

Roof penetration
As a flat roof specialist, we know what we are doing. We guarantee professional sealing after perfect installation.

Roof load
The TRAtec solar assembly system uses the building’s static support structure. The burden is limited to load-bearing elements ensuring that no problematic area loads are placed on the roof surfaces.

Safe assembly
As a roof specialist we plan and deliver the TRAtec solar assembly system. The solar assembly system will be assembled by our own staff or one of our licensed partners.

As flat roof experts we provide a water tightness warranty (for up to 20 years).

Another advantage of the TRAtec system is that the structure is separate from the flat roof itself. Any renovation, repair or maintenance work can therefore be performed without removing your photovoltaic installation.

Should you be planning to install a photovoltaic installation on a roof in need of renovation, we will be happy to carry out this work at the same time as assembling the TRAtec system. You gain a major advantage – just one contact for your roof and your solar assembly system.

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